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The Ark

The Ark
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The Story of Clara Hamilton


Chad E. Hollins


Fiction, Religious

Chad E. Hollins


Book Description

Clara Hamilton, a genius in her field, but known second to her father the late Dr. Henry Hamilton both pioneers to the study of archaeology. Raised by her father as an only child after the death of her mother, she grew up in a world of research and imperial data. A woman with impressive educational credentials, and scientific know-how, her confidence and beauty matched her talents. This wandering spirit found the love of her life and started a family. What appeared to be a perfect life was short-lived after a tragedy that left her void and incapable of moving on. The hurt and anguish no parent ever wants to face had become Clara’s reality. The loss of her son in a tragic accident that she blamed herself for haunted her until one day she disappeared. Hiding in plain sight, trapped and buried in a den of depression no pill or drink could get her out of. Psychiatrists, antidepressants, self-help gurus, nothing seemed to work until… One divine moment in time; one calculated meeting; one unique man of God would ask her to believe in something her soul would be unable to refuse. The Ark, The Story of Clara Hamilton is a riveting fictional masterpiece full of action and motivational stories will have you laughing, crying, and reflecting on your spiritual journey regardless of your faith. This book captures the essence of grit, determination, love, and relationships.

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