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Love's Sweetest Truth

Love's Sweetest Truth
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Flora Reigada


Fiction, Contemporary, Drama, Suspense, Women

Flora Reigada


Book Description

Unaware of what awaits them, Liz and Carlos are living their dream. They built a lavish new home with a pool, a baby is on the way and they are deeply in love. The radiant Florida sky seems to glow with their joy. An artist, Liz captures its beauty in a painting.

All seems perfect until a secret leaks out about Carlos' womanizing past—and everyone seems to know but the happy couple. Even a little child has overheard and can't stop talking. Could the secret cast a cloud over Liz and Carlos' sunny life? A dark area in Liz's painting seems like a warning of the gathering storm. When the truth rains down, lives are changed forever.

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From cover to cover this book held my attention. I loved the characters,. I loved the travel,especially to Paris and I loved the romance. Excellent read.

Posted by
Gloria L.
Oct 5, 2022
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