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Keeper of the Broken

Keeper of the Broken
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The Keeper Trilogy (Book 2)


Alyssa Lauseng


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Dark, Fantasy

Alyssa Lauseng


Book Description

As a deserter and a traitor to the crown, Hikaru is no stranger to pain. Although a lifetime of tragedy drives him to the brink of insanity, he makes peace with his demons in the security of living with Sonika and Kulako.


Not only must they hide Hikaru's survival, but held under Emperor Akuko's intense scrutiny, Kulako and Sonika are sworn to keep an impossible promise.


With an innocent child's freedom hanging in the balance against a divided world, Hikaru's words of revenge and revolution are Kulako's chance to take a stand and protect his family. Watching it all through the eyes of one who is half-Okami and half-Northern Nomadic, Kohaku's only hope is the eradication of the Giahatio.


However, as the saying goes: "To deny the Empire is to deny the gods."

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