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Floats the Dark Shadow

Floats the Dark Shadow
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a mystery of Paris


Yves Fey


Fiction, Dark, Historical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Police / Detective, Suspense, Thriller

Yves Fey


Book Description

Young American painter Theodora Faraday struggles to discover her identity as an artist in vibrant, decadent Belle Epoque Paris. She’s tasted the champagne of success, illustrating poems for the Revenants, a group of poets led by her adored cousin, Averill. When children she knows vanish mysteriously, Theo clashes with Inspecteur Michel Devaux who suspects the Revenants are involved. Theo refuses to believe the killer could be a friend—could be someone she loves.

Classic detection and occult revelation lead Michel and Theo through the dark underbelly of Paris. Following a maze of clues they discover the murderer believes he is the reincarnation of the most evil serial killer in the history of France. Whether deranged mind or demonic possession incite him, the killer must be found before he strikes again.

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