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Dark Motive

Dark Motive
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A Carson Brand Novel


Craig Rainey


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Craig Rainey


Book Description

An unwitting federal operative finds himself in the middle of a corrupt congressional campaign financed by middle eastern terrorists.
Seduced by his beautiful young attorney, she introduces him to a political campaign with questionable methods of winning elections. He must weigh the DEA threat of a life in prison against the unlimited wealth he could gain by working with the politician's clandestine team of enforcers.
Once in, he realizes that the financier of the campaign has ties to international terrorists and decides Brand knows too much. With no help from his friends in the DEA, he must thwart the plot to manipulate the election and expose the terrorist to clear his name and save his life.
Find out why crime thriller fans are adding Carson Brand to their reading lists.

In this action thriller, Carson Brand is hired by a congressional candidate to work in his election campaign. As he gets deeper inside the organization, Brand learns that there is a side to the political process that the voters never see. Brand uncovers questionable tactics, shady operatives, carefully disguised organized crime elements and self-serving donors with agendas of their own. In this espionage thriller, Brand's involvement threatens their plan to rule the country, targeting him for elimination.Although the novel is a classic contemporary American fiction, the backdrop of demonstrations, protests, campaign rallies, and closed-door donor events reminds one of current political events, Dark Motive is a gritty, fast-paced thriller that dares to step outside of the accepted belief that the government is for the people and by the people. Although written prior to the current Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests, Dark Motive’s timely political setting is a rich backdrop for an action-packed tale of intrigue and deception, where self-serving politicians and powerful, rich donors manipulate the levers of power.In this second novel in the Carson Brand series, Brand uncovers and exposes the secret workings of our political system. Exposed is the organized efforts transforming peaceful protests into the blind rage of the mob. Behind the empty promises and the smiling faces of candidates, despite the positive spin the media presents us, the true power brokers behind the scenes are all driven by the same Dark Motive - Power and Control.

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