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The Goodpasture Chronicles


R.J. Halbert


Paranormal and Supernatural, Mystery, Suspense, Fiction, Historical, Thriller

R.J. Halbert


New Adult

Book Description

A family desperate for a fresh start finds themselves tangled up in a strange connection to a mysterious old house.

After experiencing marriage troubles and dark pasts, Ian and Lyana Keane are ready to leave Boston behind and move with their two kids—Ariel (15) and Zach (12)—to the sleepy New Hampshire town of Littleton. They are inexplicably drawn to an old house that they all feel an immediate connection to—a home complete with a rich history, extensive grounds, intriguing character, and a Caretaker.

But as time goes on, strange things begin to happen with the house and the family living within its walls. They see recurring symbols, experience realistic hallucinations, uncover mysteries they can’t explain. One by one the Keane family realise that dark forces - or something stronger - are afoot. Be it cursed ancient mythology, dark magic, or just chilling coincidence, the Keane family are forced to rely on Marshall the caretaker for help, but is he really as kind and cooperative as he seems?

One thing is clear: the Keane family is more connected to this house than they could have ever anticipated.

But will it have the power to save their family from tragedy? Or will it tear them apart for good?

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