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Alexandra Forever 2291

Alexandra Forever 2291
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Book One: The Strange Matter of the Red Dwarf


D.W. Richards


Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor

D.W. Richards


Book Description

★Link to FREE audiobook version included at the start of the preface. Please enjoy.★ A red dwarf system bursts into our universe. Is it merely a star system or is it something else entirely? This frequently humorous space opera adventure opens on the crest of a gravity tsunami, when a red dwarf star system punches through the fabric of space-time and barrels toward the Milky Way Galaxy. The Early Warning Centre can only watch helplessly as colonized space braces for impact. The dire situation takes an unforeseen twist in this science fantasy when an SOS transmission from a long-lost experimental starship, The Invictus, is traced to the sole planet orbiting the red dwarf. Alexandra, Post Office Marshal and living goddess, is in an action-packed race against time when she is conscripted to retrieve either The Invictus itself or, failing that, it’s top-secret data, before the ship is lost to imminent galactic collision, or worse, falls into the wrong hands. What the critics say: "The story is filled with intense sci-fi and fantasy material, and the pace is steady and captivating. Everything put together creates a perfect beginning to a series." ~ "I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, action-packed science fiction book that's an easy read." ~ “Can’t wait to read the next installment!” ~

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