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A Korean War Odyssey

A Korean War Odyssey
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Bringing Home Uncle Donnie - MIA in Korea Since 1950


Tom Gormley


Historical, Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir

Tom Gormley


Korean War, MIA, Rescue

Book Description

A Korean War Odyssey tells the true story of Cpl. Donald Matney – his exploits and sudden disappearance during the war, and the author's efforts to locate and bring him home many years later. A small-town Missouri boy, Donnie joins the army at the age of 17 to see the world during peace time and is posted to the good life performing occupational duties in Japan. When the North Koreans attack, he is suddenly thrust into violent combat fighting a better armed and better prepared enemy. A mortarman who never fired a live round, he finds himself lobbing shells at the enemy across the Kum River. He disappears during the battle for Taejon. Over sixty years later, the author sets out to retrace his journeys and possibly bring him home. Their efforts efforts take them to Washington, DC, Korea and many places in between. But slowly, carefully they reconstruct the short life of Donald Matney and bring him home to be buried by his mother.

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