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A Call Girl With Her Clothes On

A Call Girl With Her Clothes On
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True Tales From A Night-Shift Hospital Operator


Cozette Zimmerman


Drama, Medical, Biography / Memoir, Education, Health and Fitness, Humor

Cozette Zimmerman


Book Description

What happens when a college student finds herself in need of some extra cash, and she only has time to work at night? Starting in 2019, author Cozette Zimmerman took a fairly generic part-time job working nights as a hospital phone operator while working full-time on her college degree. In that job, she soon discovered that sometimes, at three o’clock in the morning, people really just need a better adult to tell them what to do—and her role was to be that better adult. For the first eight months, the calls were fairly regular and routine—well, as routine as a medical emergency in the middle of the night can be. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and changed everything. A Call Girl with Her Clothes On shares hilarious true accounts of working with patients during medical emergencies before and in the midst of a global pandemic. These short stories recall conversations and events that have stayed with Zimmerman, leaving her to wonder about the fate of the world.

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