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Raymond G. Schmidt II

Raymond G. Schmidt II

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Reading is fun so why not have fun. Perhaps you'll even enjoy sharing yourself with others.

Author's Biography

Born the third in line in the early winter of the year of the start of the greatest war in history, he was too young to remember the Great War, but old enough to understand the feelings emitted by that generation. During his pre-teen period he could spin a yarn endlessly about the heroes of his mind and how they were able to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This ability to rattle on earned him the nickname of Rattle Ray. In his mind this was an endearment that could only be surpassed by curling up in his mother’s arms and listening to the stories of her past. In those days, before the television, parents worked hard kept the house clean with the help of the children and were held dearly. In times of great depression the family grew closer together and relied upon each other for strength. Mostly the years that he could remember, as far back as about seven or eight, were carefree times and thoughts about future events were restricted to what would interest a young mind. In time those carefree days gave way to the realities of life and meeting the obligations of living. He never lost his knack for expressing a tail and examining the endless possibilities that life has to offer. He settled into a life of providing for his family as he had established it. At eighteen he joined the U.S. Marines in a new venture. Along with his new bride he managed to face the woes of life and enjoy that period allotted to him. Today he is retired, remembers holding hands with his bride of fifty-two years, thanks God for their time together, and watches his grandsons grow into fine young men. He’s never given up on storytelling and has written several poems short stories and fiction books. These events are the first of what he hopes will be many writings that will entice the reader to contemplate the possibilities of life and perhaps resolve to make a better life for them.

Books by the Author

The Winds and Words of War

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