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Lorraine Nilon

Lorraine Nilon

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Author's Biography

Lorraine Nilon is an award winning Author, Soul intuitive®, Life coach, who inspires her clients to resolve the negative energy (unresolved emotions) that cause them to doubt their own significance. She is an emotional and spiritual mentor and her books take you on a journey of self-discovery and soul recovery.

With over 20 years of experience exploring spirituality and self-discovery, she’s gained a comprehensive knowledge about how you can develop a deeper connection with your inner self and boost your spiritual wellbeing. Her mission is to share her teachings with the world, educating others on how they can better understand themselves and live more balanced and spiritual lives.

She has a heightened awareness of the cause and effect of unresolved emotions, and the true nature of who we are hidden beneath the emotional baggage we all carry. Lorraine is an experienced soul reader and explores both conscious and unconscious energy. She explains the complexities and origin of unresolved emotions in a way that is easy for others to understand. And this clears the path to embrace the significance of our souls.

Lorraine has a way of igniting your curiosity about yourself and provides a map that assists you to find your own unique path to self-acceptance.

If you are confused about how you feel and why you do what you do, Lorraine’s information provides answers. You may walk in her door or pick up one of her books feeling confused and stressed, but you walk away feeling anchored and more settled with a better understanding of yourself. Regardless of whether you are seeking spiritual enlightenment or just want to feel better about yourself, Lorraine’s insightfulness will leave you wanting to know more about your own authenticity. Her books, workshops and individual sessions provide opportunities for those who seek their own truth.

Books by the Author

Spirituality, Evolution & Awakened Consciousness

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