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K. Reshay

K. Reshay

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It is an honor to be considered for this opportunity. If my book is chosen, I would love and appreciate the feedback.


Thank you

Author's Biography

K. Reshay is a self-published author, poet, and playwright. She was a featured  author and moderator at the 2022 NATIONAL Book Club Conference in Atlanta, GA.

In 2017, her debut book series “Appearances,” provoked readers to examine the people amongst their circles.

As the President and Founder of Me Time Book Club, she has participated in several book and community service events throughout the years. The goal of her book club is to promote literacy within the community.

Her latest standalone novel “All Things Work Out Well,” depicts the heartbreaking story of tragedy and triumph amongst two friends. In addition, she has released two stage plays and a children’s book co-authored with her two sons.

Currently, she is working on her personal travel memoir “African American Girl Lost.” This memoir outlines her personal journey of self discovery during her first visit to West Africa. She is also working on another children's book and a new novel.

She resides in Alabama with her husband and two sons.

Books by the Author

All Things Work Out Well

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