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Author's Biography

Jafe Danbury hails from the trenches of the Hollywood production scene, where he spent decades as a camera operator, director of photography, and director. He has also worked as a teacher and is a decorated U.S. Navy veteran.


He enjoys noodling on the guitar, long road trips, likes his bacon crispy, and loves a good dive bar––especially if it happens to have a twenty-two-foot shuffleboard table. He prefers a leisurely walk to running, unless being chased by a clown with a chainsaw.


His debut novel, THE OTHER CHEEK, was awarded a Finalist Medal for "Best First Novel" in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. His riveting follow-up novel, LEAVING PHOENIX, is garnering great reviews and is currently being adapted as a screenplay. It's been called, "A high-octane thriller with lots of heart and something to say!"


Jafe and his lovely bride currently reside in central California and are working on their exit plan. Their children consist of several rescue dogs and a couple of cockatoos.


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