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J L Martin

J L Martin

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Author's Biography

J. L. Martin lives in a quiet country town in Regional Victoria, Australia. In a past life of her own, she spent close to two decades working in the Welfare sector at the coalface for the State Child Protection AHS Emergency Service as a lead investigator, applicant and expert witness within the Childrens’ Court — both in the family and criminal divisions — along with the Family Law and Criminal Court system. She holds a degree an Ass. Dip in Welfare and Community Development and has two adult daughters and four grandchildren — along with several adult foster daughters and grandchildren.

J L Martin’s transition to full-time author began in December 2015 when she started writing as therapy to assist in her recovery from PTSD, ultimately leading to her debut series ‘Samsara- The First Season’.

Books by the Author

Samsara- The First Season

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