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David Barry

David Barry

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An actor for more than 60 years, David Barry began working as a child actor. He has appeared in feature films with Tyrone Power, Stephen Boyd, Mai Zetterling and Trevor Howard, and appeared in the theatre with Paul Scofield, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh and many others. He starred as Frankie Abbott in the 1970s sitcoms Please Sir!and The Fenn Street Gang, and in the 1980s he wrote for the TV sitcom Keep It In The Famiy. His first novel, Each Man Kills, was published in 2002, and reissued in 2014, and this Welsh noir has since become a trilogy with The Wrecking Bar and Missing Persons. He has also written a children's book, The Ice Cream Time Machine and a Dickensian historical novel Mr Micawber Down Under.

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