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Bill Fix

Bill Fix

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Author's Biography

Pastor Bill Fix is a Husband, Dad, Grandfather, Pastor, Write, and Friend to many. He loves to write, teach, preach, entertain, encourage and disciple others. Bill is President Emeritus of The Board of Directors for Community Care Service and is a member of The Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force and has served on The Anti-Trafficking Task Force, and the Interfaith Coalition. He was invited and honored to do the invocations at three college commencement services at Ford Field in Detroit. His hobbies include fishing, ventriloquism, magic, traveling, and blogging. Since his retirement from the full time Pastoral Ministry, he has been enjoyed being the People Pastor. Pastor Bill is always a student and always a teacher and he loves it that way. He has a real love for children and has written a series of children's books, The Adventures of Billy Fix. He has written a book for Dads entitled Daddy Genius, and a book on conducting funerals, Memorials to Remember. Butterscotch is a book of memories of Pastor Bill's ministry.

Books by the Author

The Dead-End Road Devotional

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