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Antoinette George

Antoinette George

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Author's Biography

Antoinette has always been a student of history but is also a lover of fluffy cats, dancing the Argentine tango, and escapist and exciting romantic literature, not necessarily in that order! And now she has reinvigorated the sweeping, romantic saga for the twenty twenties: The Granville Legacy Series, and events, locations and characters in the stories reflect many of these diverse interests, especially her travels.

History has always fascinated her and she loves visiting old and interesting places, especially those with lots of narrow, cobbled streets or ancient buildings to wander around, and imagining the events that took place there centuries before. A lot of the locations of the stories or events in her books are as a result of places she’s been to and experienced for herself… except nothing so exciting ever happened to her when she was there!

She writes the type of novels she’s always loved to read: romance, both historical and contemporary… full of drama, adventure, suspense, excitement, passion and humour, with a touch of pathos here and there, and flawed heroes and heroines because perfect people are boring! Hers are compelling, long and involved stories to get absorbed and lost in, that make you want to read on and on and not put down until you’ve found out what happens to all the disparate and fascinating characters that thread through them. And, of course, good always wins over evil, even if the circumstances are slightly unconventional. And when you've finished one, you have to read the next set in the series to find out about that character's story. The Granville Legacy is a whole series - some historical (Regency period) and some contemporary - but all the books are connected.

Antoinette used to work in the world of media and marketing, but instead of reading to pass the time, she started writing her stories on the train as she commuted from home to her office in the centre of London and she got hooked on her new hobby which now takes up more and more of her time than her professional work, which she now only does occasionally. She lives by the seaside in Sussex, in the south of England; her family think her crazy and obsessed with her novel writing, but her books will keep you engrossed for weeks and weeks and weeks...

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