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Rules- Law and Order Facing Fear- Anger & Chaos

Rules- Law and Order Facing Fear- Anger & Chaos
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Mildred Stallworth


Historical, Fiction

Mildred Stallworth


Book Description

Most people know right from wrong; some refuse to accept facts and chooses danger and destruction instead, while others sit in fear and silence in hopes that things will get better. People lose courage because of fear and will do things out of the ordinary to protect themselves.The rule of law is significant because it protects people from the abuse of powers that be. It sanctions individuals with rights that cannot be taken-away without difficulty. Everyone is to be treated equally without discrimination. It reigns supreme to ensure no person can think that they are privilege to be above the law. Not even government officials.The Framers created the Constitution to limit the powers of the government and replace the Articles of Confederation. It is a legal document. Foremost, it is the most authoritative visualization of freedom ever articulated. The Constitution is the supreme law that establishes and allows the government to decide how other requirements are applied.

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