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Rise of the Demon Inferno

Rise of the Demon Inferno
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The Eternal Goddess of Flames: Book One


Tamara Mayo


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Contemporary, Dark, Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Science Fiction, Suspense, Urban, Thriller

Tamara Mayo


Book Description

Mankind’s destiny is reaching the tipping point . . .


Siblings Luke, Matt, and Shana Carter are not happy they have to move from Philadelphia to a small town in South Carolina when their mom loses her job. But they quickly realize that fitting in at their new high school is the least of their worries. Because a war is being waged in their new hometown . . . one that began long ago between two sisters who are now battling for the fate of humanity itself.

On one side is Laraii, who’s increasing her power by turning everyone at their high school—and in the entire county—into demons she controls. On the other side is Naya, the seventeen-year-old Goddess of Flames whose soul has lived parallel to mankind since the dawn of humanity. Part angel, part demon, and part human, she belongs nowhere, abandoned by her family and isolated in her mission to protect humankind from the demon world. Outnumbered by the exponentially growing demon population, she’s determined to save the souls of the remaining humans with only the help of Ana and Carlo, two demon-human hybrids.

Now suddenly thrust into this ancient war are the Carters, whose growing friendship with Naya will put their lives—and their souls—in danger.

What began in ancient days when supernaturals and humans intermingled comes to an earth-shattering climax as the physical and spiritual realms collide in an epic tale of good versus evil.

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