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Queen of Deception

Queen of Deception
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May Freighter



May Freighter


Isekai, Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Magical Realism, Medieval Fantasy

Book Description

If you were offered a second life, would you take it?

Emilia died. She thought it was all over but then she opens her eyes and realizes she’s a child with all the memories of her past life and her eidetic memory intact.

Not just that. She’s now living in a medieval world that resembles her favourite fantasy novel—The Cruel Empire. Instead of being a main character, she’s reborn into the role of a princess fated to die before the age of eighteen.

As years go by, and she realises she’s not waking from a dream, she settles into her new life with only a goal in mind—survival.

Having years ahead of her before her new life is cut short, Emilia pulls the strings and builds a network of friends that will help her with her goal—stop Prince Thessian from killing her with the rest of her despicable family and make him her ally.
If she can do this, she can rule to improve her kingdom’s conditions and support Thessian’s goal to become emperor of the neighbouring empire.

But when a side character messes with the main plot, what will happen to Emilia’s future now that she has no idea of what other events she has set in motion?

Find out in Queen of Deception, a thrilling Fantasy Novel by May Freighter.

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