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Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald


Erotic, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural, Suspense, Thriller

Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald


Book Description

Nocturnals is the third book in the Nocturnals series by Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald. The first book is Torrent Tragedy, followed by Bloody Urn. Nocturnals are vampires of the 21st century who have evolved into a peaceful existence, without the need for biological blood.

Nocturnals was founded by one of the oldest vampires, Benedictus Kastellanos, who is thousands of years old. He was studying medicine in Florence, Italy during the Renaissance period when he was struck down. He barely survived but did so with the help of the monks. Yes, he had become a night creature after that assault. However, he was determined to change his situation. He survived and thrived after hundreds then thousands of years.

With all of his research and wealth, Benedictus has conquered their need for biological blood. In addition, he has attracted many wealthy mortals who choose to have eternal life as Nocturnals. He encounters a bump on the road when he meets a woman who appears to be a reincarnated woman from his past. It was the only woman who he truly loved for all these thousands of years. Could it really be her?

As with anything new, enemies against the Nocturnals are lurking from all over: Old vampires who believe in their traditional ways of hunting their prey, government agencies who want to perform experiments and study them, and people who don’t like the idea of anyone possessing eternal life.

When a rash of vampire-like murders turns Los Angeles upside down, the wrath comes down upon all vampires. Nocturnals or not, the authorities must protect their citizens. It is clear that there is a conspiracy involving power and murder. As some Nocturnals make their way out of the country, the faces of their enemies keep changing. For more information, go to:

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