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Five Lives One Day in Bahrain

Five Lives One Day in Bahrain
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Rohini Sunderam


Fiction, Drama

Rohini Sunderam


Literary fiction

Book Description

Five Lives - One day in Bahrain, traces the lives of five very different people, a housemaid from Sri Lanka; a municipal garbage truck driver from India; a Filipina hairdresser and beauty salon manager; a British banker, and a young Bahraini man.The five prayer times that Muslims observe are used to punctuate the different periods in the day and the story’s action. Through the course of the day, we learn of the individuals’ lives and hopes until a point when they are all brought together and their lives intertwine.Who connects with whom? Discover how, in certain circumstances, everyone is capable of being a hero.

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Terrific read

Just amazing. Having lived in Bahrain for 14 years the book resonated with me completely. I have read it several times and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. Enjoy all Rohini’s book.

Posted by
Cynthia Thivy
Apr 17, 2024
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