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Siafa B. Neal

Siafa B. Neal

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My name is Siafa B. Neal and I am an author of several Advance Chess books.  Basically what I do is to design Advance Chess game boards from scratch, play games on them, take notes and compile those notes into Advance Chess books.  In my free time I also paint Advance 3-d Art Paintings.  My Advance chess books and Advance 3-D Art Paintings may be discovered on the web.  Just Google my name, Siafa B. Neal, on the web and the browser will take you to where you may find my Advance chess books and Advance 3-d Art Paintings.  Paintings focusses on various scenes.

With regards to Advance Chess, my initial intent was to find ways of making Chess fun , interesting and complex.  I design Advance chess game boards to allow as many chess players to engage in several chess games all at once on a single game board.  I accomplished designing the Advance chess game boards ( Models ) by publishing books on these game boards , some of which I named , Model I , the StarFish Model and Model III, the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model.  The StarFish Model, Model I, may accommodate as many as 4 chess players all at once at the same instant.  On the other hand, Model III, the Longitudinal StarGate 14 Model  may maintain as many as 8 chess players using 4 chess sets all at once and also at the same instant on a single Advance Chess game board.

My Advance Chess books are essentially picture books that contain Diagrams, Illustrations , Drawings and Photos about the game boards  which explain ways of playing the games.  My very first game board started out with the design of Model I, the StarFish Model.  This type of game board consists of a Center Board with four trapezoidal sections at the four sides of the Center Board.  The chess pieces are positioned on the trapezoidal sections of the game board at the initial start of the chess game.  Chess players may use the Center Board on which to play the game(s).  Model III, the Longitudinal StarGate 14 Model is more intriguing and complex than Model I since it comprises two StarFish Models which serve as a single unit game board.

Some of my hobbies include:  photography, doing Advance 3-d Art paintings, making Advance chess game board designs, writing Advanced Chess books, reading and computers.

Some of the sports that I partake in during any free time include : soccer. tennis, swimming, yoga, horse-back riding, skateboarding, biking, volleyball, walking, physical exercises , tak kwon do ( self-defense ) and karate ( the martial arts ).


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