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Lynnda Pollio

Lynnda Pollio

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Author's Biography

Lynnda Pollio is a Consciousness Doula and author of multi-award winning, best-selling inspirational novel, Trusting the Currents. Lynnda has always been deeply committed to elevating human consciousness. This life purpose has guided her as an accomplished New York advertising executive, as a thought leader in conscious business and communications practices, and as the world’s first Chief Consciousness Officer at a global futurist marketing consultancy. She is experienced in various spiritual disciplines, energetic practices and healing modalities. As a Consciousness Doula she helps people understand and connect to energetic frequencies that expand self-awareness for personal and global transformation. She believes we are all in the process of becoming something unexpected, and that the answers lies in the heart. Lynnda recently moved from New York City to Sedona, Arizona. Empath, HSP, INFJ

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Trusting the Currents

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