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Judith Marshall

Judith Marshall

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Author's Biography

Judith Marshall is a third generation native Californian, born in St. Helena and raised in Concord, CA. Althrough fiction, her debut novel ,Husbands May Come and Go but Friends Are Forever, is informed by the author's own experiences. She, too, has experienced the devastating effects of being laid off, losing a dear friend and has been blessed with the friendship of a group of women she has known since high school.

A mixture of hilarity and heartbreak, this story is a celebraton of fresh hopes, second changes, and the anything-but-simple art of relationsships. The book was optioned by a Hollywood producer.

Ms. Marshall's second novel, Staying Afloat, is a story borne of marriage and lust set against the responsibility of family. It explores a key life question: Can a woman ever really know her heart until she faces tragedy:

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