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Jan Notzon

Jan Notzon

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Author's Biography

Jan Notzon is a novelist and playwright who has made Charlotte, NC his home since 1994.

His first novel, The Dogs Barking, is a coming-of-age story set in a sleepy backwater Texas border town in the 1950s, through the dislocation of university life in the ’60s and on to the raw, frenetic power of New York City. His second novel, And Ye Shall Be As Gods, recounts a brother’s fight to rescue his beloved sister from the clutches of despair and his lost love from the prison of catatonia. His next novel, The Id Paradox, is the story of three friends, assumed betrayal, rescue and healing from the horrors of spiritual annihilation. Song For The Forsaken chronicles the tale of two sisters and the loss of faith that tests the bond between them. Published last year, Suffer Not The Mole People, is the story of a family's travails as they make their way from Poland to the United States in 1866. His most recent is ONLY THE DEAD (Know the End of War), which tells the personal stories of three families, one Anglo and two Mexican as they participate in the establishment of the Mexican and Texas Republics.

He is also the creator of seven full-length plays, a one-act and a children’s story.

Books by the Author

ONLY THE DEAD (Know the End of War)

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